April 9, 2011

PM: Contracts on Economic Land Concession Granted to 12 Companies Written Off


Prime Minister Hun Sen said that he signed on Apr. 6 to write off the contracts on economic land concession being granted to 12 private companies due to nothing done for the development.

The PM said this, while presiding over the closing ceremony of the annual meeting held on Apr. 7 at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

The Cambodian premier urged the forest administration cantonment at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in collaboration with the concerned government institutions, local authorities, local and foreign non-governmental organizations to carry out the national forest program formulated in conformity to the universal principal for stopping the damage of the forest and starting the afforestation, thus contributing to preventing climate change and the augmentation of the earth’s temperature.

He ordered the Ministry of Agriculture to continue removing economic land concession offered to developers who did not follow the contract and the forest land being grabbed illegally, which are available for reforestation.

In the meantime, other recommendations and measures were given to the ministry for implementation in the future.

Once again, the Cambodian premier asked the competent agencies to impose a strict ban on importing decaying chicken meat from Thailand by dishonest businesspersons, which he said is affected to the people’s health, mainly children, when eaten.

He also raised some issues dealing with the crackdown on preventing the inundated forest land grabbing around Tonle Sap area, offences on logging act and illegal fishing tools.

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