November 23, 2011

Cambodia sees low inflation in October despite flood havoc


PHNOM PENH, Nov. 21 -- Cambodia's consumer price index (CPI) inflation rate stood at 5.2 percent in October this year, down from 6.7 percent in September although the country had been suffered from the worst floods in recent months, showed the latest statistics of the National Institute of Statistics (NIS) on Monday.

It recorded that from September to October this year, the prices for food increased by only 0.2 percent, the price of meat decreased by one percent, the price of fish and seafood dropped by 2.5 percent, and the price of vegetables rose 5.7 percent.

"The rise in price of vegetable is due to the shortage resulted from the flood devastation," it said.

Also, the prices for transportation had declined by 0.7 percent thanks to the 2.4 percent decline of petroleum price.

"In general, the inflation in October is stable," concluded the statistics.

Cambodia still expected that the annual inflation in 2011 would be maintained at around 5.5 percent even though the country has suffered the worst flooding in more than a decade since August and 18 cities and provinces had been submerged.

At least 250 people were killed and it is estimated to cost the country about 521 million U.S. dollars, mainly the damages of rice paddies and roads.

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