May 27, 2011

EEG secures Cambodian hotel deal


Energy Efficiency Group (EEG), the sister company of Maintenance Management Group (MMG) has won a contract with Kingdom Hotels Investment (KHI) to perform energy audits on two landmark hotels in Cambodia.

Currently hotels, Raffles Le Royal Phnom Penh and Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angor, have an energy cost in excess of $2m.

EEG is required to provide a comprehensive understanding of energy costs; provide a detailed analysis of all energy balances within both hotels, identify all of the potential energy efficiency measures in order to provide the hotel management with a full picture of what could be achieved and advise on where KHI should invest based on engineering and cost analysis.

“EEG was delighted to be appointed by Kingdom Hotels for this task,” said Ronald Diabb, Managing Director EEG.

“Having audited all aspects of energy usage, we have identified more than 25% savings in both hotels - given the very high cost of electricity in Cambodia. This represents significant financial savings and so a high return on investment."

The initial assessment suggests that the expected energy cost reductions would be in excess of 15% annually.
EEG is an ESCO (Energy Services Company) that takes energy efficiency projects from the energy audit to the project implementation and savings verifications.

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