December 8, 2011

Gallagher secures Cambodia’s first high-rise building

[GSN Magazine]

Gallagher announced on Dec. 7 that its security solution will be installed in Vattanac Capital Tower, Cambodia’s first high-rise building.

At nearly 184 meters high, the 39-story building will be the tallest building in Phnom Penh and the city’s most prestigious commercial address, ultimately providing a unique cultural presence in the capital city. Designed to meet the needs of Cambodia’s developing business community, the high-rise will include trading floors, offices, high-end retail and luxury serviced apartments.

Ian Meadows, Gallagher’s business development manager, said the exclusive development will be secured by Gallagher’s Command Centre, a central management platform for integrated access control, designed and manufactured by the New Zealand-based technology company.

The Gallagher security solution will also include a high-level interface to the Schindler elevator system, which will enable system operators to monitor all access from one central point. The security project will be managed by Gallagher’s channel partners Comin Khmere, of Cambodia, and the AES Group, of Thailand.

Established in 1938, Gallagher is an international company that creates and delivers technology for security, animal management and fuel solutions. Gallagher’s in-house research and development capability rests on its team’s detailed knowledge of security requirements, data encryption, high-security applications, networking and communications, integrated systems and industrial design.

Gallagher Security leverages the cutting-edge research and development and manufacturing capabilities of its parent company to bring to market its award-winning access control solutions and electric non-lethal perimeter security systems managing the security needs of businesses, municipalities, governments and a variety of institutions in the U.S., Europe, Asia and throughout the Southern Hemisphere.


  1. it is wonderful is Cambodia’s first high-rise building. your article give us good infromation in regarding high rise building.

    Ihm in Chandigarh

  2. Phnom Penh's streets and drivers are not equipped to efficiently handle the traffic required to service, use and maintain a structure of these unnecessary dimensions. This building seems designed to feed someone's ego rather than the needs of the citizens of Phnom Penh. It will simply be another cause of congestion - which past water festival pedestrians were not even able to deal with while crossing a very short bridge.