November 4, 2011

Insurance Sector Earns US$20.4 Million


November 3, 2011 – The Cambodian insurance sector’s revenue in the first nine months of this year reached US$20.4 million, according to the report from the General Insurance Association of Cambodia (GIAC).

The GIAC said it increased by US$3.7 million from US$16.7 million during the same period last year.

The premium revenues came from fire insurance of around 27 percent, motor insurance 20 percent, health insurance 16 percent, engineering 10 percent, and the rest was miscellaneous accident insurance.

Last year, the sector earned the premium revenues of US$24.9 million.

Cambodia has six insurance companies including Forte Insurance, CAMINCO, Asia Insurance, Campubank Lonpac, Infinity Insurance, and Cambodia-Vietnam Insurance without counting the domestic reinsurance company.

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