October 6, 2011

BabyFirst Expands To Indonesia And Cambodia

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Leading Cable and Satellite Platforms NexMedia, AORA, Megamedia and CEPCO Launch 24/7 Commercial-free Child Development Channel

LOS ANGELES, CA - BabyFirst, the US-based 24/7 commercial-free educational channel for babies, distributed in Asia by HBO, has expanded its global footprint to include leading operators NexMedia, AORA and Megamedia in Indonesia; and CEPCO in Cambodia. Each of the four platforms are offering the linear channel as part of their basic or kids and family packages.

"With the help of our great distribution partners at HBO Asia, we are thrilled to launch in Indonesia and Cambodia - both important countries for us in the Asian market," said Guy Oranim, CEO of BabyFirst. "We have seen a steady increase in demand from the region for the BabyFirstTV channel as well as for our mobile products. We're happy to be able to answer the needs of families and provide a safe, fun and educational environment for their young children."

"HBO Asia is pleased to be able to expand the distribution of BabyFirst in Asia to NexMedia, AORA and Megamedia in Indonesia, and CEPCO in Cambodia due to our extensive reach in Asia and close relationships with our affiliates," said Jacelyn Kek, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, HBO Asia. "Subscribers in Indonesia and Cambodia will now have access to quality educational and entertaining content for young children and their parents."

BabyFirst programming features:
  • Award-winning original content - BabyFirst has won numerous awards for its original programming including an iParenting Award, Parents' Choice Award and Creative Child Award. The original series include:  VocabuLarry where a friendly parrot teaches English words; Numbers Around the Globe which introduces the numbers one to five by animals in all parts of the world; and My Gym at Home where baby and parent can watch and follow along as My Gym instructors lead fun, fitness routines.
  • Supported by a worldwide advisory board - The network has teamed with leading child development experts to ensure all the programs on BabyFirst are developmentally appropriate.
  • Color-coded programming guide - The BabyFirst flower logo found on-screen changes color according to the educational content in each show. For example, orange for social development, red for language, blue for numbers, etc.
  • Multi-layer content - BabyFirst content is adaptable so children at various levels and age groups can focus on something different within the same program.
BabyFirst can be seen now throughout Indonesia via AORA on channel 114 and on NexMedia (formerly known as MAC) on channel 101. MegaMedia will launch the BabyFirst service in Indonesia later this year. In addition, CEPCO will offer the BabyFirst channel soon to its Cambodian customers. For more information about BabyFirst visit: www.babyfirsttv.com

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