September 14, 2011

BBAC event set to lure British firms


The number of British companies operating in the country is expected to increase in the coming years, as the British Business Association of Cambodia gears up to chair the Kingdom’s first Britain in Southeast Asia conference next month.

The conference, which is set to draw British businesses and chambers of commerce from across Southeast Asia, will give the BBAC, established in Phnom Penh in 1997, an opportunity to present Cambodia as an ideal business destination, according to deputy head of mission at the British Embassy Lesley Saunderson.

“This is a timely occasion for BiSEA to be meeting in Phnom Penh, given how well the Cambodian economy is performing, the strengthening of the BBAC, and the increasing investment of many existing and new British companies in Cambodia.”

“We believe this will help us and the BBAC in promoting Cambodia as a potential market for UK companies who are already operating in this region,” she said.

BBAC Vice Chairman Thomas Sterling believes that Cambodia-based British companies can soak up regional best practice ideas from these British business authorities long established in the region.

“This is a great opportunity for the BBAC to learn from other regional associations, some of which have been in existence for over 100 years,” he said.

The BiSEA committee works with British business associations and chambers of commerce in seven Southeast Asian countries to share best practice ideas and help national associations of each member gain experience, according to Sterling.

“The organisation allows individual associations to unite in ideas on bringing British business to Southeast Asia, but equally to promote Southeast Asia to the UK.”

This will be the seventh BiSEA conference, which is held twice yearly, rotating among member countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia, said Sterling.

The biannual conference, slated for October 14, is due to correspond with the International Business Chambers investment conference, he added.

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