August 5, 2011

Sweet smell of success


Beauty and cosmetic products – of the genuine persuasion at least – are hard to come by for those of us living in the Kingdom. Mascara that’s essentially black-coloured water and perfume that smells as though it’s just been ladled out of the nearest toilet aren’t exactly what most of us want to be spending our cash on.

There is one chain, however, that seems to be going from strength to strength and that is Scent 360º which, since 2003, has been in residence in both Pencil and Lucky supermarkets selling genuine products.

And while an observer would be forgiven for assuming the poorly stocked counters which are even more poorly attended wouldn’t appear to be doing so well, the constant expansion of the group suggests otherwise.

The latest Scent 360° venture is its new Riverside location which opened in June of this year. All sleek glass shelving with illuminating backlights, framing the rows upon rows of high-end fragrances for both men and women, it’s a crisp-looking alcove sat among the chaos of Sisowath Quay.

Jolly Chhen, 27, manager of the new store, says that due to its prime location, the clientele has been steady and diverse.

“We have both local and international clients. Cambodian clients are normally middle and high-class people while the foreign clients are both tourists and foreigners working in Cambodia,” she says.

Some of the brands you’ll find sat upon the squeaky clean shelves of Scent 360º include Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Nina Ricci, Anna Sui, Versace, D&G and Burberry. In terms of price there isn’t much variation from what you’d find in the West or in an airport duty free store. For example, a 100ml bottle of Givenchy’s Organza costs $111 while Gucci’s Flora, one of the most popular scents on the market at the moment, goes for $131 per 75ml.

Jolly Chhen does point out, however, that due to the range of sizes on offer at Scent 360°, you can pick up a bottle of fragrance for as little as $30.

In addition to perfumes, Jolly Chen says she hopes to soon import other beauty products, in line with the previous outlets, to round out the selection at the Riverside store.


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