August 29, 2011

Products from industrialised Liuzhou used in Cambodia


Thanks to the successful development of Liugong Machinery in Cambodia, in as short as two years, its products have achieved zero breakthrough in the Cambodian market, with 33 sold units in 2009 or around 1.21 million yuan; and 131 in 2010 or around 8.5 million yuan, up 297 percent and 602 percent respectively.

Liugong’s equipments have been put in use in all Cambodia's national key projects. Agents have also established sound cooperative relations with China’s well-known enterprises operating in Cambodia.

Not long ago the repair project of Cambodia No. 41 road started under China’s financial aid. Machines and equipments used throughout the project were all from Liugong. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Pan Guangxue personally operated the company’s products at the commencement ceremony.

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