August 21, 2011

Khemara Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap - Cambodia


If you like to spend your vacation in Cambodia, you will have to choose one of the best hotels for staying during the holidays. Cambodia is a beautiful tourist spot which provides the excellent cityscape, natural panorama and sophisticated city life.

In Cambodia, you will come to know about different cities and tourist destinations. There are also a number of sophisticated and luxurious hotels which offer excellent accommodation and food at justified prices. Khemara Angkor hotel is the marvelous resort which has decorated rooms, spa centers, dinning space and bars within the periphery of the resort.

Types of Accommodation in Khemara Angkor Hotel:

There are different types of hotel rooms in this modern resort. Khemara deluxe suites provide the perfect comfort and coziness to those who are interested to spend their honeymoons with their sweethearts. The interior decoration of these deluxe rooms is naturally attractive due to excellent furniture and furnishings. The wonderfully handcrafted artifacts have been installed into the deluxe rooms for adding up the color to the room decor in this hotel. Magnificent colorful emulsify the walls of the suites in a brilliant way.

There are many restaurants scattered within the boundary of the resort. You can enjoy the evenings with your sweetheart in the bar which is close to the water pool. Apsara lobby is another attraction for young travelers. You will be served with delicious dishes, soft drinks and other tasty treats.

Location of Khemara Hotel in Cambodia:

Khemara Angkor hotel is located in the vicinity of Siem Reap. The international aerodrome being close to this Khemara Angkor hotel, tourists will have no problem to reach the lobby of the hotel by tuk tuk(special transportation system).

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