August 16, 2011

Exotissimo brings Cambodia's favorite beach to visitors via a Sihanoukville experience


Exotissimo is proud to present its Sihanoukville Beach Break tour. Guests will enjoy a memorable and relaxing time in one of Southeast Asia’s emerging seaside spots.

Located in Southern Cambodia along the Gulf of Thailand, Sihanoukville is emerging as one of Southeast Asia's premier seaside resort towns, offering guests all the frills one would expect out of a tropical beach destination. Still less crowded than other seaside resorts in the region, guests are guaranteed a relaxing time.

The drive to Sihanoukville from Phnom Penh is a short three hour trip. The countryside scenery and anticipation will make the journey seems shorter than it really is.

On arrival, guests are able to relax and spend their entire time at the town in complete leisure. The long stretch of white sanded, palm-lined beaches and blue waters offer ample opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing and para-gliding as well as massages at luxury spas. In the evenings, the beach’s wide selection of restaurants, cafes and bars add life to the night sky.

“Our Sihanoukville Escape tour is all about unwinding, relaxing and resting easy,” said Louise Nathan Product and Marketing Manager at Exotissimo Travel. “This program makes for the perfect conclusion to what is sure to be a memorable experience in Cambodia.”

For those willing to venture out of town, Ream National Park is nearby. The mangrove forest and uninhabited beaches are home to a wide variety of floar and fauna, including the rare and elusive Irrawaddy Dolphin.

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