August 2, 2011

ABA Bank wins Cambodia retail bank of the year award


ABA Bank has been awarded “Cambodia Retail Bank of the Year” award by this year’s Asia Banking & Finance Retail Banking Awards.

With 150 bankers from across Asia on hand to congratulate the winners in Singapore, ABA Bank Deputy Chief Executive Officer Askhat Azhikhanov said the bank won the prestigious award due to its commitment to providing quality service in Cambodia.

"This is the first year that Cambodia’s financial institution has been selected in the category of the ‘Retail Bank of the Year’ in the history of Asia Banking & Finance Retail Banking Awards,” he said.

“This award reflects the success and financial achievements of all banks from Cambodia and we are proud to represent Cambodia and its name on the international stage.”

ABA has become an established bank with a fast-growing branch network, aiming to deliver a reliable, yet dynamic and innovative banking service to its clients. It draws on the expertise from within to provide its customers with the best banking products and services, he said.

“This award is recognition of our efforts and our goal is to maintain sustainable growth across all our networks,” Askhat Azhikhanov said.

The Asia Banking and Finance award nominees were screened by partners from top Asian firms, including Pricewaterhouse Coopers, KPMG, Deloitte, and Ernst and Young. The judges considered the nominees’ strategy, services and products based on how it differentiated itself through innovation, benefits it brought the market as a whole, and level of flexibility of changes and progressive opportunities.

“ABA Bank has shown commitment to deploying advanced banking technologies for the benefit of its customers, such as ABA iBanking which remains one of the most secure and developed internet banking platform in Cambodia,” said Asia Banking & Finance Editor in Chief Timothy Charlton.

“ABA has also demonstrated excellence in global payments and cash management and is developing an all rounded banking group that is also Cambodia’s fastest growing. We believe ABA Bank is well positioned for future growth and leadership in the Cambodian market.”

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