July 21, 2011

Cambodia's true hidden gems for travellers


See Cambodia Differently.com unveil their findings from their Cambodian holiday research as well as giving out their list of ‘hidden gems’ for the top hotels in Cambodia that offer the best boutique and decadent experiences; and the top recommended activities to try while in Cambodia to ensure that tourists travelling to Cambodia make the right travel choices.

Cambodia as a single holiday destination

SeeCambodiaDifferently.com found that Cambodia is frequently overlooked by travellers as a single holiday destination as it is usual for them to visit the country as part of a three country holiday which encompasses Thailand and Vietnam. However, travellers who do this often leave disappointed as they feel that they have had to rush their holiday itinerary. From speaking to various travellers, SeeCambodiaDifferently.com found that they weren’t being offered anything different by Tour Operators that organise holidays to South East Asia and didn’t realise how much Cambodia had to offer as a single holiday destination. Typical comments from travellers included “I will definitely be back but next time I will just be returning to Cambodia”.

Top Cambodian hotels for 2011

1. 4 Rivers Floating Lodge
2. Hotel de la Paix
3. Le Royal Raffles Hotel
4. Sojourn
5. Song Saa Island Resort
6. Terre Rouge
7. Amansara
8. Independence Hotel
9. Knai Bang Chatt
10. Nataya Round House Coral Bay Resort

Booking a boutique hotel experience is on the increase

According to SeeCambodiaDifferently.com boutique hotels in Cambodia are becoming consistently more popular as people are looking to stay in characterful accommodation on their travels. SeeCambodiaDifferently.com stresses that accommodation can make or break a holiday but travellers don’t have to stick to mainstream hotels to ensure quality and satisfaction.

Travellers are looking for ‘something different’ rather than booking mainstream chain hotels

The great climate that can be experienced in Cambodia means that travellers can stay in more unusual accommodation.

SeeCambodiaDifferently.com offers unusual and unique accommodation such as floating tent accommodation as well as bungalows set high on stilts in a forest ravine.

Top activities in Cambodia 2011

1. Guided Angkor Tour
2. Floating Villages Tour
3. Elephant Trekking
4. Micro-Lighting
5. Cooking Classes
6. Mountain Biking
7. Scuba Diving
8. Kampot and Kep Tour
9. Photography Tours
10. Dune Buggies

Travellers want to discover the true Cambodia – its culture, history and landscape

SeeCambodiaDifferently.com has found that travellers to Cambodia who travel to see the culture, history and landscape get more out of a holiday to Cambodia. This is especially true for travellers who love the great outdoors as the country can treat you to some of the best landscapes, coastlines and wildlife you will ever witness.

Travellers going to Cambodia can use the comprehensive activities section on SeeCambodiaDifferently.com to understand more about the activities in Cambodia. Booking these activities in advance to avoid any disappointment is recommended.

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