June 7, 2011

Thai Businesses Cancel Investments in Cambodia

The Board of Investment will review a total of nine investment applications with a value of over 20 billion baht today.

The board will also evaluate the effects of the Thai-Cambodian border dispute on Thai investments in the neighboring country.

The Board of Investment or BOI met this afternoon to discuss the impacts of the Thai-Cambodian border dispute on Thai investment.

During the meeting, chaired by acting Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, it was reported that the effects from the recent border clashes have been minimal.

However the border clashes have derailed some Thai investment projects such as the construction of a sugar manufacturing plant in Oddar Meanchey Province in northwestern Cambodia.

The project was suspended after the Thai staff were recalled back to Thailand for safety reasons.

In addition, the Hong Seng Group, Nice Group, Hi-Tech Group and Thong Thai, which are some of Thailand's largest garment manufacturers, have decided to set up plants in Vietnam instead of Cambodia.

Meanwhile, the board is reviewing a total of nine different projects worth over 20 billion baht this afternoon.

Some of the projects include investment plans in steel beams, glass bottles, paper fibers and natural gas production.


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