June 15, 2011

Sunlabob wins World Bank tender to install 12,000 Solar Home Systems in Cambodia

[Sunlabob Renewable Energy Ltd.]

A Solar Home System powering a home in rural Laos.
In March 2011, Sunlabob Renewable Energy Ltd won an international tender for a World Bank financed procurement contract, handled locally by the Rural Electrification Office of the Department of Electricity (part of the Ministry of Energy and Mines), to supply and install 12,000 Solar Home Systems (30W and 50W), including spares, to seven provinces across Cambodia.

Solar Home Systems bring huge benefits to homes in developing countries which aren’t connected to the national electricity grid. Without the system, villagers have to use kerosene lamps for light. These lamps emit lots of carbon dioxide and harmful gases, and also contain flammable liquids that have more probability of causing burns and fires than any electric lighting source. Each year, many homes and even entire communities worldwide burn to the ground due to fires starting from toppled kerosene lamps.

The Solar Home Systems replace smoky, unsafe kerosene lamps with brighter light, allowing work, study and social activities after dark. They also power small electrical appliances like radios and cellphone chargers. Each Sunlabob Solar Home System meets international quality standards and comprises a solar panel, PV mounting structure, battery, battery box, charge controller, circuit breaker, and 2 lamps.

The installation will be carried out in collaboration with a local partner in Cambodia, with 7,200 SHS being installed by Jan 2012 and the remaining by Sep 2012. This operation covers more than 413 villages in remote areas across Cambodia where there are no proper roads.

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