April 5, 2011

Shoppers avoid Japanese goods


Cambodia's major supermarkets have seen falling sales of Japanese goods due to concerns over radiation contamination  following damage to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant by last month’s earthquake and tsunami.

Sales of Japanese products have declined 50 percent at Lucky Supermarket, according to its Stock Department Chief Im Kemera.

However, he said there were no concerns over the quality of the food, as products were imported before the disaster.

Bayon Supermarket Manager Chheang Meng said sales of Japanese goods had fallen since the earthquake, though he declined to provide figures.

“I explain to customers that these products were imported from before the incident, and have not planned another import order,” he said.

Ministry of Commerce Secretary of State Chan Nora said the ministry was working via its Camcontrol department to implement inspections of Japanese goods imported after the earthquake and tsunami.


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