April 20, 2011

Foreign donors, Cambodian officials meet over development aid dialogue


Cambodian government officials, representatives of foreign development partners and civil society met here on Wednesday to revise the development progress under the foreign aid pledged by those donor countries and to hear Cambodia' s needs for 2011.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 18th meeting of the Government-Development Partner Coordination Committee on Wednesday, Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Keat Chhon, minister of

finance, said that most of the activities for 2010's social and economic development have been implemented and achieved the goals despite some challenges in resource constraints.

"Cambodia is on the right track to develop its economy, and ie expected to see growth of more than six percent in 2011 with almost all sectors," he said.

The World Bank Country Manager, Qimiao Fan, said, "Development partners are pleased to note that the majority of the Technical Working Groups are on track to achieve their Joint Monitoring Indicator (JMI) targets and the overall good performance of the JMIs."

Cambodia has the potential to maintain sustainable, long-term growth at 7 to 8 percent a year and the government is hopeful to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth by following its comparative advantages, he said.

He added that the development partners believed that it is in Cambodia's best interests to establish national policies.

Donors pledged 1.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2010 for Cambodia's social and economic development, it is unknown how much the aid pledge will be this year from those donors to Cambodia.

The government has sought financial support from donors to ensure sustainable financing and effective implementation of the National Social protection Strategy for the Poor and Vulnerable ( 2011-2015), which passed by the government last month.

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