April 3, 2011

Cambodia signed agreement with France on the sky train construction in Phnom Penh


The Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Cambodia has signed an agreement with France on a tramway project to be located in Phnom Penh. The signing ceremony took place on 1st April between H.E. Tram Iv Tek, Minister, and H.E. Thierry MARIANI, French Secretary of State in Charge of Transportation, as well as H.E. Kep Chuktema, Governor of Phnom Penh.

Officials of the Ministry of Transport stated that Phnom Penh population is dramatically increasing, which leads to distraction in the travel in the capital due to the rise in land travel and, as a result, slows down the economic development in the capital.

Hence, the presence of the first capable tramway, which will become the backbone of the transportation network, is the only long-term solution to the travel needs of Cambodian citizen.

In that occasion, H.E. Tram Iv Teuk has recalled to the French officials on their helps to the ministry in the past, including the establishment of the public construction laboratory, library, railway technical school, etc, as well as contribution to other sectors in the Kingdom such as healthcare and education.

Mr. Slot Sombo, under-secretary of state and director of the ministry's cabinet, told the journalists that this signing ceremony is a proof of our joint initiatives and strengthens close collaboration on transportation infrastructure development between the two countries.

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