April 27, 2011

All quiet in the skies

It's been business as usual this week for three Thai airlines flying between Thailand and Cambodia despite the intensifying clashes on the ground.

Executives of Bangkok Airways, Thai Airways International (THAI) and Thai AirAsia confirmed yesterday that their services remained intact they had received no advice from either Thai or Cambodian authorities to change their plans.

Bangkok Airways, which offers the largest seat capacity between the two countries, did not report any unusual cancellations in bookings and passenger volume remained normal.

The airline operates nine flights a day from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Cambodia - five to Siem Reap and four to Phnom Penh. About 90% of the passengers are foreigners and they continued to travel as normal as the conflicts were confined to a small area, said a spokeswoman.

The budget carrier Thai AirAsia, which runs a daily service between Suvarnabhumi and Phnom Penh, also reported normal traffic.

THAI, which offers two daily services between the capitals using an A300-600 and a Boeing 737-400, reported normal activity.

"Our planes are quite full, teeming with businessmen and Thai gamblers seeking fortunes at Phnom Penh casinos," said a THAI executive.

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