March 25, 2011

Russian Aeroflot To Have Direct Flight To Cambodia In 2011


With a growing demand from Russian tourists visiting Cambodia, Russian airlines Aeroflot will have direct flight to Cambodia sometime this year, China's Xinhua news agency quoted a government official on Friday. Tith Chantha, director general of Ministry of Tourism said that Cambodian government had discussed with Russian government and Airline Aeroflot on promoting tourism sector including the direct flight between Moscow and Phnom Penh. He said he had joined a Cambodian delegation to Russia last week, led by Thong Khon, minister of tourism during which a memorandum of understanding on tourism was inked and discussion on having direct flight between Moscow and Phnom Penh was exchanged.

Tith Chantha said Russian people are potential to many tourists ' destinations around the world these days and millions of them travel abroad for tourist purpose.

To Egypt alone, he said, Russian tourists accounted at 2.5 million last year.

According to statistic of ministry of tourism, there were 34, 170 Russian tourists visited Cambodia in 2010, an increase of 76 percent compared with 2009 which recorded at 19,395.

Tith Chantha said Cambodia hopes to see about 100,000 Russian tourists visiting Cambodia by the year end and the estimate number will be higher once the Aeroflot is on service.

He added that Aeroflot is now in deep discussion with Cambodia' s Civil Aviation Authority on the matter.

Cambodia's rich in beautiful beaches, cultural sites like Angkor Wat temple along with attainment of full security, peace and stability of the country--is now attracting millions of foreign tourists every year.

Aeroflot used to have direct flights between the nations' capitals in 1980s and early 1990 with twice flights per week.

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